Document Services

Our team of document experts is experienced in dealing with the systems and procedures of the USPTO, and our nearby location ensures that your files are delivered as quickly as possible. Once the patent files are accessed at the USPTO, they are arranged in chronological order, copied, and then returned to our office for indexing and scanning. Copies of documents are available via internet download. File Histories PDF bookmarked and text searchable. Document fees and availability vary, so please contact us for details.

Patent Document Services

Patent Prosecution File Histories
US and International Patent Copies
Certified Copies of Patent Documents
Hand Delivery Of Patent Documents
Obtaining Expedited Foreign Filing Licenses

Trademark Document Services

Trademark File Histories
Copies of Trademark Registrations
Copies of Publication Notices
Certified Copies of Trademark Documents
Hand Delivery of Trademark Documents

Other Services:

Authentication from State Department
Legalization from Embassies
Translation Services
Circuit Court

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